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How To Choose My Cup?

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One of the most popular questions I get asked is what cup to choose? So I thought I would create a checklist for you of questions to ask yourself & a short guide to the different cups available.

What To Ask Yourself?

  • Have I got a budget I need to stick to?
  • What size cup do I want?
  • What quality cup do I want?
  • Do I want to engarve the cup itself or just the base?

These questions are really important to consider to work out the type of cup suitable for you. 

Types of Cup

All of our cups are of excellent quality, we have handpicked from many suppliers the very best on the market at the best value. Cups do come in different materials though and we have put in the description a guide to what each is made of. Check out my guide below.

  • Plastic Cups - These are at the lower end and actually not many cups are just plastic anymore. They start from about £3.00 and usually still come with a nice marble base. Small in size but perfect for those on a budget looking to hand out a cup for kids.
  • Metal Coated High Quality Plastic Cups - These are our most popular cups, they look great, feel great and are a stunning quality. Some come with weighty marble bases, some wooden bases. They can range in size from the small to the super large over half a metre tall. Engraving goes on the base of these cups to avoide damage to the cup itself. The other advantage of these cups is there range of silver, gold and colour cups.
  • Cast Metal Cups & Nickle Plated Cups - Created from special grades of brass and copper these full metal cups with a range of marble, nickel plated and wooden bases are perfect to engrave on the base or on the cup itslef. A little more expensive and feel heavier to hold. Most are non-tarnish cups.
  • Silver Plated Cups - Each cup is handcrafted by skilled artisnas using traditional and contemporary techniques to produce the highest quality finish. Each process of metal spinning, soldering, hand polishing, traditional silver plating is carried out by time-served craftsmen drawing on centuried of experience. Perfect for the highest quality of event whether sporting or professional. Cups can be engraved directly onto and these cups are perfect for annual awards.

My personnel advice is if you want a small budget cup look at the metal coated cups or nickel plate cups. If you want the biggest possible cup available that look great go for the metal coated awards. If budget is less important and you want the very best quality and thats the number 1 objective, look at the nickel plated cups and the silver plated cups.

If you want any advice or have any further queries please dont hesitate to contact me.

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